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Employer Benefits in Florida
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Employer Benefits Support in Florida
Employer Benefits Support
Employer Benefits Support

Plan Options, Benefits Administration & HR Support

Ease the burden of employee benefits with our team of specialists

By partnering with an experienced benefits administration provider, companies can streamline their benefits processes, improve employee satisfaction and engagement, and ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Here’s how we add value:

Access To More Plan Options

Benefits administrators offer a wider range of plan options and help employers choose what’s best for them and their employees.

Streamlined Processes

Benefits administrators streamline plan design and implementation, open enrollment, renewals, and employee onboarding.

Compliance Assistance

Benefits administrators help ensure compliance with COBRA, HIPAA, and FMLA laws, giving employers peace of mind.

Improved Data Management

Benefits administrators handle claims processing, provide accurate financial reporting, and secure sensitive financial and personal data.

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Embrace Technology For A Better Experience

Improve efficiency, save time, reduce stress, and maximize savings

Using technology for employee benefits administration can bring several advantages including:

  • Cost savings from automation
  • Ensure compliance with laws such as the Affordable Care Act
  • Integrate with payroll and finance systems
  • Improved customer support through self- service portals
  • Enhanced data security
  • Real-time reporting & data visualization
Embrace Technology for your employee benefits
Embrace Technology for your employee benefits
Happy employee with great employee benefits
Embrace Technology for employee benefits

Put Technology To Work For You

Cost Savings

Automating benefits administration can lower costs associated with manual processes, such as paper-based forms and data entry, saving time and reducing errors.

Improved Efficiency

Streamlined benefits administration using technology makes it easier for employers and employees to manage benefits, enroll in plans, and access information.

Increased Accuracy

Technology eliminates manual errors and ensures data accuracy, reducing the risk of compliance issues and financial inaccuracies.

Better Compliance

Compliance reporting and alerts help ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws, like the Affordable Care Act (ACA), COBRA, and CMS

Improved Integration

Integration with existing payroll and finance systems helps reduce workload and ensures accurate data transfer.

Improved Customer Support

Self-service portals for employees reduce HR and benefits administrator workload and improve customer support.

Enhanced Data Security

Robust security measures protect sensitive financial and personal data, including secure storage and transfer.

Improved Reporting

Real-time reporting, insights, and improved data visualization make it easier for payroll and finance to monitor benefits data and make informed decisions.

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Our UBA Partnership

Stay well-positioned to thrive in the employee befits marketplace

With expert resources, extensive health plan benchmarking data, and educational resources, our partnership with United Benefit Advisors® (UBA) helps strengthen compliance efforts, guide strategic planning, and streamline HR processes. We understand the unique needs of our local community and provide the personal service that only an independent, local advisor can deliver. While remaining independent, we join together to gain knowledge and resources from other UBA Partner Firms across the country.

Here’s what we gain from our UAB Partnership:

1 Sophisticated, cost-effective solutions equal to or better than those from large brokerages

2 Support with shared wisdom in order to obtain and retain clients, using approved tools

3 National & local leverage buying power

Succeed Through Shared Wisdom & Powerful Results

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